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  • Hydrogel Mask
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Hydrogel Mask

A mask without a sheet

Hydrogel is a transparent, gel form mask material. It is made with marine extracts and can melt in water. Because of this property, it is suitable for people who would like to launch an eco-friendly facial mask.

Super adhesive to the skin

Hydrogel mask is with a condensed essence packed in a gel form mask. it is super adhesive to the skin, just like the second layer of the skin. Thanks to its adhesive capability, the skin could easily absorb all the nourishment and moisture packed in the mask.
reference: atomy
reference: atomy

Packed with essence ingredients

While marine extracts is in gel form, it contains ultra concentrated active ingredients. When applied to the skin, our skin temperature makes the gel melt and the active ingredients contained in the mask could be absorbed effectively into the skin.

A mask that would become thinner

After the skin absorbs the nourishment, you can see from the eyes that the mask gets thinner. This is because all of the active ingredients packed in the mask melt into the skin.

No waste to throw away

Even after the absorption of all active ingredients, there is still a gel mask leaving. And this marine extract-based gel mask could melt in water. Marine extract itself has the hydration property. With no waste, we can throw it into the tub and enjoy a moisturizing bath. Contact us!



Marine extract in gel form



Types of functions

Hydration, Repairing, Anti-aging,