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Lip Treatment

Lip Scrub

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Lip Scrub

Lip exfoliator can help remove dead skin cells and buildup for a smoother lipstick application.

What is a lip scrub?

The ingredients of lip scrub
In general, lip scrub is made of two components: exfoliant and emollient. Sugar is the most common-seen exfoliator abrasives out there. Sugar is gentle on delicate lip skin and can remove the flakes effectively. The emollient provides a hydrating base for the exfoliant, making the product easier to apply to the lips.

What does lip scrub do?

So, what does lip scrub do? Actually, lip scrub is just an exfoliating product for lips. In sum, it works to moisturize and smooth the lips at the same time. If you're ready to flaunt a smooth pout, lip scrub is definitely the answer. Contact us!



physical scrub

Physical Abrasive

apricot pits, sugar, microbeads, etc.


jojoba oil, cupuaçu butter, honey, etc.


Can be customized


Private label, White label