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Super-charged Serum


What is an ampoule?
In general, ampoules come in little glass vials with super-charged serums. Each glasses are for daily doses. Normally, ampoules are launched with a set for treatment that lasts for weeks or even months. With highly concentrated active ingredients, ampoules help improve skin health.

The formulas for ampoules

There are ampoules for different functions, just like essence and serum do. According to the ingredients, there are functions like anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, brightening, moisturizing, etc.

The packaging for ampoules

Packaging types
Though ampoules generally come in glass packaging, there exist also plastic packaging now.
The compatibility test
Since ampoule formulas usually contain pharmaceuticals and chemicals, it's better to choose plastic packaging with a high tolerance to chemicals. But Shero Cosmetics conducts always the compatibility test between formulas and packaging. The test will make sure the packaging is suitable for the formulas.
How ampoule is sealed?
To avoid the pharmaceuticals and chemicals ingredients being contaminated by the air, the amples' packaging is hermetically sealed by melting the thin tip with an open flame and usually opened by snapping off the neck. Once opened, it's better to finish it as soon as possible. Contact us!



gel-based liquid, fluid-based liquid, water-based liquid

Formulas Type

Anti-aging, Skin-repairing, Acne-treatment, Skin-brightening, etc.


Glass, Plastic


Private label, White label