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  • Gel Cleanser
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Cleansing Gel

Gel Cleanser

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Gel Cleanser

Profound cleansing helper, refresh the skin inside-out from the pores to the surface!

Gel Cleanser

What does gel cleanser do?
With gel-like consistency, gel cleanser is designed for deep cleansing. Among the cleansers, gel cleanser is the most powerful one for unclogging pores while removing surface oil and acne-causing bacteria. According to different formulas, gel cleansers may even have antiseptic or exfoliating properties.

Suitable for what skin types?

A gel cleanser is usually better for oily and acne-prone skin. It is not only designed for deep cleansing, gel cleanser can also be an effective solution for acne-prone skin. Along with the properties mentioned above, gel cleansers can be used to treat bacterial acne with its antiseptic property.

Gel cleansers are also good for sensitive skin since they can soothe the skin, alleviating redness and irritation. If wanted, gel cleanser could add with moisturizing capsules or exfoliating grains for additional treatment. Contact us!




Skin Type

Oily skin, Acne-prone skin

Extra skincare ingredients

Moisturizing capsule, Exfoliating grains

Formulas Type

Can be customized

Base types

Amino acid, betaine, etc.


Private label, White label