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  • Face Sculptor
  • Tweezer
  • Face Sculptor
  • Tweezer

Facial Sculptor

Create a sculpted look and firm skin texture with our facial sculptor tool.

/Facial Sculpter/

The facial sculptors are designed to lift, firm, and contour the face. They can help stimulate blood circulation while providing a deep massage to the face. Typically, there are two types of sculptors: the flat facial sculptor and the facial sculptor roller.
What Shero provides
Shero Cosmetics offers both flat gua sha facial sculptors and roller facial sculptors made from 100% natural stone sourced from Brazil. Whether you're looking to create a particular shape or style, Shero's design team can assist you in producing the ideal color and shape for your collection. Some popular options include rose quartz, purple quartz, and green quartz in heart or spoon shapes. Contact us!


It helps to remove splinters and perform other precision work.

Shero Cosmetics offers a variety of tweezers to meet your needs, including slant tip tweezers, arched claws, and blackhead tweezers.

Our tweezers are available in different materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, and metal, and we also offer secondary treatments like coating, silk printing, and foil stamping if needed.

Contact us now to customize your own tweezers! Contact us!