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Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Mousse

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Facial Cleansing Mousse

Foam cleanser, or we also called Instant foaming cleanser are all the rage for sensitive and stressed-out skin.

Clean the face with a cloud every day!

The texture
Mousse facial cleanser has a cotton-candy-like fluffy texture that froths up further when mixed with water.

People like mousse cleanser because it feels weightless and airy on the skin and mildly cleanses the skin. It can be rinsed away without leaving behind an unpleasant residue.

Suitable for what skin types?

Mousse cleanser is suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin types. Mousse cleanser can dissolve dirt and grime while leaving skin soft and supple.

2 in 1 mousse

Remove dirt and makeup at the same time!
2 in 1 mousse can help to remove makeup and impurify at one step. It helps to save the time of the everyday facial cleansing routine. Additionally, a great pump can also create a better mousse. No matter creamy or air-light mousse you would like to create, Shero can help you to create your ideal product. Contact us!



Mousse, Foam

Product Types

Regular mousse cleanser, 2 in 1 mousse cleanser

Formulas Type

Can be customized


Private label, White label